Monday, 15 April 2013

Fancy Dress Wedding

I received a phone call from John, the father of Teri, the bride to be. He had discovered me by searching the web for a local photographer. He went on to explain that Ian & Teri had finally decided to get married. They had been together for several years and had had children etc, but now they felt it was time to actually tie the knot.

Then came the interesting bit..... It was to be a fancy dress wedding! He said it was a 'heroes & heroines' theme and that the bride and groom would be dressed as Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

When Sue & I sat down with the family to show everyone samples of previous wedding shoots and photobooks etc, they said that most of the guests would probably be adopting a Robin Hood approach to the theme, but that there would possibly be a family of 'Incredibles' and a 'Lara Croft' there!

Well on the big day, there was no disappointment.
Sue and I rushed around in the morning to both Maid                   Marian's & Robin Hood's base camps, where we  captured a few getting ready shots.             

Sue and I arrived at the Registry office well in advance where it became clear that the registrar had not been told about the fancy dress twist and she was convinced that I was pulling her leg (until I showed her the screen on the back of my camera and the getting ready shots). That was a face of surprise!

The ceremony went without a hitch..


and everyone had a great evening